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Aldea Ecológica Eco Truly.
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"Eco Suv"
…must be something like "Smart Bomb".

Do you really have to rape words to sell your damn cars?

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Volare… oh oh…

national security
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I have really nothing to add to this perfect Italian story. Newspapers (*) have said enough about it and everything is going exactly the way I have forseen long time ago.

I’ll blog about it as soon as it ends. And we all know how and where it will end ;-)

This is just a “say hi” post. Nothing about bikinis or mechanical raccoons.
Actually, I was going to talk about cyborgs, ninja squirrels, yellow submarines and cookie eating aliens, but I’m too tired right now. Will keep that for a future post.

voooolare… oh oh…. faaaallire… oh oh oh oh!!

Oh, I almost forgot: Hi!

(*) This word should exclude any or most Italian newspapers, of course. Those are only "papers". No "news". They can’t call themselves "toilet paper" because the paper isn’t soft enough, and because Italians don’t care if you sell them crap and say it’s "news", but technically it’s toilet paper. Backed by the government.

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Where are the bikinis?

to Use The Back Entrance…
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So here I am back in Pisa, city of the leaning tower, the other leaning tower, the leaning building, the other leaning building, the other other leaning building, the leaning dog, the leaning mechanical raccoon and too few bikinis.

Yes, I am deep in bikini withdrawal. Please help me!

If that’s not enough, the ferry had a two hour delay and no excuses. I’m getting seriously p****ed of by that ferry company. I have been travelling on those damn ferries since I was born and it has been on time only a bunch of times.

So, I had to wait for the next train to Pisa too. A wonderful Italian train - which seems to come right from WWII. Not to mention that almost the whole train had no working air conditioning and half of the windows had been locked with screws (!!!). Thank you Trenitalia CEOs… thank you, but I really hope "you go to hell and you die".

Ok. Dinner time. And no bikinis :-(

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Bikinis I’m coming!!

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Screw you guys, I’m goin’ h-yah!
See you back in Septemper.

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